• Learn Spanish while you explore Buenos Aires
  • Explore Buenos Aires while you learn Spanish

What do we offer?

Total immersion language learning

You will learn Spanish without almost realizing it

Learning activities fully integrated with city tours

Plus downtime to focus on the use of the language

From basic to super-advanced level

Set your Spanish in motion and improve it while you discover the city

Different options according to your interests and needs

What would you like to learn? Where would you like to go? How much time do you have?

Language is a mean of communication and not an end in itself

Fluency will lead you to accuracy.

Porteña Buenos Aires

3 or 7 days

Learn Spanish while visiting the most touristic places of Buenos Aires and discovering the spots that only porteños know

  • Explore Buenos Aires like a local: by bus, subway, train, and walking
  • Discover the origins of the city: Plaza de Mayo, San Telmo, La Boca
  • Explore porteño icons: Obelisc, Colón Theatre, Caminito, Planetario
  • Get fascinated with the most chic neighborhoods of Buenos Aires: Palermo, Recoleta, Puerto Madero
  • Get lost among its most famous streets: Av. 9 de Julio, Av. Corrientes, Calle Florida
  • Share an asado (barbecue) among friends, or a snack with beer in a neighborhood restaurant
  • Enjoy the best pizza in the world
  • Learn how to drink mate in one of the squares of the city
  • We eat out together in restaurants chosen by the group (with our suggestion). Each one pays for what he/she eats and drinks.
  • We will give you the means to travel in public transport (SUBE card), with us and on your own on leisure time.
  • Materials are included.
  • You can count on us during your whole stay!

7 days

  • 7 whole days with activities: some of them full-days, some half-day (adjustable according to your needs)
  • For leisure time we will suggest extra tours that are worth doing.

3 dyas

  • 3 whole days with activities
You have just 1 day? Are you living in Buenos Aires? Do you want something else?

Porteño for 1 day

1 día

Learn lunfardo while you discover the most porteño secrets of Buenos Aires:

  • Travel by bondi hasta la manija (crowded bus)
  • Eat a milanga (breaded cutlet)
  • Have a birra (beer)

From intermediate level upwards.

Ask for more days!

  • 12 hs exploring Buenos Aires together: from 9 am to 9 pm
  • There will be moments of walking around the city, moments for relax, y moments for typical meal tasting.
  • We eat out together in restaurants chosen by the group (with our suggestion). Each one pays for what he/she eats and drinks.
  • Materials are included.
Do you want something else?

Living in Buenos Aires

Did you come to work or move here with your family?

We help you tackle the basic tasks you will need to face:

  • Go shopping
  • Use the public transport
  • Communicate with your neighbors
  • Ask for a medical appointment
  • Play truco!

Conctact us for different options: ¿do you prefer to share a snack with friends? ¿or to practice one-on-one? ¿or games to play with your kids?

Choose the schedule that best suits you.

  • We tackle together some of the thing you need to face: go to the supermarket, travel by bus, go to the bank… so that you learn how to communicate in porteño Spanish.
  • We organize social meetings in Spanish with other foreigners living in Buenos Aires.
  • We can adapt the proposal to the schedule tha best suits you: how many times a week? how many hours each meeting?
Do you want something else?

What will you learn?

To communicate better in Spanish.

Always according to your level and the program you choose.

Introduce yourself


Ask and give directions

Go shopping

Eat out



Groups of 2 to 6 people

How does it work?

We want you to learn Spanish while you explore Buenos Aires.
That's why our tours around the city are combined with Spanish lessons to focus on what you've learned.
Our programs are specially designed by native and professional Spanish teachers for foreigners, who know the secrets of the city.
They follow a double goal:
  • that you learn communicative skills according to your level
  • that you discover cool spots of the city, its culture and history
Each program, according to its duration, includes scheduled activities and leisure time.
A few days before the start you will receive the tentative schedule of activities, with days, times and meeting points.
The Spanish teacher will be next to you all the time.
He/she will guide the tours and the Spanish lessons, making sure that you make the most of every minute to communicate better in Spanish. Materials are included.


Everything is possible at LearnBA

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